"Howie Good's newest collection, Tomorrowland, offers the essential element of prose poetry: tight, moving language, and amazing imagery. From a firing squad who listens to the ball game on the radio to the heart's museum of stained glass and a wooden boardwalk, Good gives entire scenes in a matter of a few words. They are scenes of both starkness and beauty, or - to quote the poet, himself - "the birdsong, as sometimes happens, full of primitive grief."

With both the mastery of storytelling and the dance of poetry, Tomorrowland is a writer's envy and a reader's delight."

Susan Culver

"A fascinating series of vignettes, flashes, stories, each one incredibly focused, incredibly powerful, and surprising to the point of being scary."

Krishan Coupland




24 PGS.

12 - 1 - 2008


excerpt from TOMORROWLAND:


It’s a rare sunny day, but the streets are strangely empty, as if arrests are about to be made, or already have been. Head down, heart revving, I start across the square. The fountain is dry, stained with dead leaves. An old man, with the drab, diligent face of a lifelong student of numbers, scatters bread crumbs for the pigeons. I pretend not to notice – it’s safer – and in seconds, reach the far side, where bodies in the early stages of decay hang like gray rags from the trees. I glance back at the old man. He’s watching me, and I wonder why and whether tomorrow is supposed to be just as nice as today.